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A Few Words From Past Clients
Client Susanna P.
The whole thing really surpassed my expectations in what was going to be involved and how it would impact my life. I can see progress in my weight loss and body image but more importantly it has given me the tools to make lasting changes in my whole attitude towards food. It has really made me aware of what my relationship with food is and where my issues are - not necessarily where I thought they were and had I just tried to keep doing this on my own I would never have realized that. I feel it has given me the tools to make this a lifestyle thing rather than just another diet where I lose the weight and then put it back on again when you go back to 'normal life'.

Client Lorraine P.
Prior to working with Tarashaun, I had been yo-yoing for the last 1-2 years. I lost the weight and have kept it off. I liked the tools Tarashaun gave me for eating real food and the detail in prep instructions — and my husband ate many of the dinners with me! I liked Tarashaun's positivity and ability to hold us accountable and on track. She's invested in the success and wins of her clients— she has a light side and helps you feel part of the solution— no negativity for slip ups.

Client Lisa H.
Tarashaun's coaching really worked for me. She offers great support. I lost 18 pounds in 6 weeks. I used to eat too much and now I don’t. I think I’ve gotten on top of the emotional eating issue I had. Learning about her past issues helped me feel like I could tackle mine. There were great recipes and nutrition information. All of it was very helpful.

Client Barbara O.
I am [now] eating 3 meals a day and snacks and got some good meals to help me. I learned what to eat to build muscle and how to exercise to build tone. I also learned some meditation and we talked about personal issues having to do with body image. Tarashaun really listens to you. It's a no judgement zone. I have made lots of steps I wouldn't have done if not for her support. For me it made a huge difference and was well worth it.